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Almost Home Animal Rescue League Southfield

Posted By: Valerie York (June 30, 2018)
Almost Home is a no-kill animal rescue. While they have recently undergone some much needed updates to the shelter, money is running low. They have unpaid vet bills, and are barely keeping up with daily operating costs. I volunteer there, and have seen the wonderful work they have done saving, vetting, and adopting out dogs, cats, and even a hamster! Almost Home believes every life is worth saving, and so, whenever they have an empty kennel they will arrange to get a dog from a high kill shelter that might otherwise have been euthanized. They have even arranged transport of animals from other states to come to the safe, loving, shelter to be adopted out. They partner with a dog training facility to help dogs become the best they can be! Please consider gifting Almost Home No-kill Shelter in Southfield!