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NMVC Northern Michigan Veterans Coalition

Posted By: Ryan Sanderson (June 24, 2019)
The mission of the Northern Michigan Veterans Coalition is to create awareness about the needs and benefits available to veterans and their families by promoting communication, coordination and collaboration. NMVC has seven pillars of service, these include, education, health care, employment, business, housing, community, and government. When a request is received, NMVC Board members personally assist the veterans to link-up with the appropriate NMVC partner (business or organization). When all efforts are exhausted, or, the request is of an unusual nature, NMVC may provide funding or resources directly. We partner with local businesses and organizations to meet these needs. In 2018 these included, rent and mortgage assistance, utility assistance, gas cards, septic clean out, vehicles repairs, move in kits and other services for veterans in need. NMVC volunteers serve 11 northeast counties in Northern Michigan, for Michiganís Prosperity Region 3.