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88.1 The Park

Posted By: Bill Keith (June 4, 2018)
881 the Park has been the voice of the Plymouth-Canton community for 46 years. We've served our hometown while teaching students skills they'll use for a lifetime.

In 2017 we helped a students raise money to benefit Plymouth-Canton families facing financial hardship through the SJ5K. We partnered with a non-profit music incubator to spotlight student musicians on “The Scene”, our local music program.

The debut of our “On the Beat” program saw local law enforcement officers answer listener questions on topics ranging from ordinances to the appropriate use of force. We also examined race in Metro Detroit 50 years after the city's 1967 riots.

Our students have seen the impact of their work on the lives of their friends and neighbors. They've also seen that impact bear fruit in their lives. We're a place where teaching students makes our community better, and we're proud to call Plymouth-Canton our home.