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Courageous Kids

Posted By: Courtney Morrow (June 19, 2018)
Courageous Kids is a local non-profit working to inspire hope and help kids cope with life-threatening medical conditions. They do this by planning fun and exciting events every month free for the Courageous Kids and their families. These events provide a positive distraction from procedures and treatments, much needed family bonding time outside of the hospital, and an opportunity for the families they serve to meet other families with similar circumstances.

One of our favorite stories from a CK event is from an outing at the boat races. Parents were chatting and some kids were watching the boats, then we noticed three boys with their shirts up, comparing scars from their open heart surgeries. These outings are a time when these kids can feel comfortable in their own skin and make friends who encourage them and get them through these times because they've been there too.