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Friends of Maybury State Park

Posted By: Joe Wrobel (June 15, 2020)
The Friends of Maybury State Park promotes family and individual outdoor activities. Maybury Park has the most State trails in the State Parks System -26 miles. These trails include walking (paved and non paved), mountain biking and horse riding trails.
Funds are needed and would be used for an engineering study to create a new non-motorized entrance on Seven Mile Road.
The Park has experienced record use due to the Corna Virus. People like experiencing the outdoors and nature.
The park staff has received many resident requests for a new non motorized additional entrance due to the growing Northville area. This is the number one request for park improvement. State Park funding is very limited and will not be available.
In the past couple of months, Maybury Farm animals have recently birthed 11 new baby farm animals.
Thank you for the consideration and in helping the communities 501-C charity organizations! Credit Union Team is making a difference.