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North Ohio Elementary, PTO

Posted By: Jacqueline Krantz (June 9, 2019)
I am the new PTO president for North Ohio Elementary. The past leader didn't leave me too much to go on, so this past year I,along with new board members have been trying very hard to do the best we can for our school. We have about 430 students, K-3. The majority of the students come from low income families. 75% use the reduced or free lunch programs. We do not have a lot of funds coming into our school to help with things like upgrading our library. Getting new books or area rugs for students to sit on. Your donation would help tremendously in providing safer bookshelves. More selections and current books. I believe it would help boost the excitement of the students to see new editions to the library, and to make them WANT to read more. Or even just want to pick up a book.