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PBJ Outreach

Posted By: Marcia Valentine (June 14, 2018)
PBJ Outreach is a ministry to the homeless in Detroit, through the volunteers of members of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Plymouth and other local groups/individuals. The mission is feeding and fellowship of the 250+ homeless who gather each Saturday - no matter what the weather - to await the PBJ folks who bring food, clothing and other essentials - on the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd and Third Street in Detroit. PBJ Outreach has been doing this every Saturday for nearly 15 years, including Christmas and Thanksgiving. Each Saturday, bags of donated food (including fruit, bread & PB&J sandwiches) are provided. Once a month, a hot meal and clothing is also available. ALL donations go directly to the homeless. There is NO overhead or administrative fees. When the City of Detroit closed the warming center nearby, PBJ continued to serve the people. Your $1,000 donation would help!