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Summer of Sharing Campaign

Community Financial Credit Union has been enhancing the lives of our members and our communities for over 65 years. The word “community” is not only in our name, but it is the core of what we do. We know that Community Financial would not exist without our members and the communities in which they live.

Strong business can only grow from a strong community that benefits everyone, which is why helping nonprofits, educational, and community groups is a part of our culture. We believe these groups have a tremendous impact on the communities we serve and it’s both our responsibility and pleasure to support them. We are committed to the communities where we do business and have devoted both time and money to help them succeed. Partnerships with local school districts, The Salvation Army, United Way and American Cancer Society are just a few of the ways we are making a difference.

To help build stronger communities, we are reaching out to our neighbors and asking for your help. Think about it. 

What GOOD could you do with $1,000?
 What charity, community group or school group could use some extra funds?

Our Summer of Sharing Program has concluded for 2017.

This year we celebrated summer by choosing from the 262 stories submitted on this site and awarded 60 - $1,000 grants to organizations in Michigan*. Click the See button to view the charities, community groups and school programs we were able to support this year.




Friends of the Novi Library

Posted By: Sue Johnson (August 2, 2017)
The Friends of the Novi Library is a dynamic group of individuals dedicated to supporting the Library. Since 2012, the Novi Public Library (NPL) along with Novi Parks and Recreation, Novi Youth Assistance, City of Novi, and Novi Community Schools, has offered Teen Space, a designated area at the NPL, for grades 7-12. Teens can hang out, do homework, socialize with friends, and unwind from their school day. During the 2016-2017 school year, Teen Space saw 5,468 teens. For the upcoming school year, we would like to offer fun and engaging activities for teens to do in Teen Space. The funding will allow us to offer such activities, which will help to bring in more teens to the Library. One example is kick-off teen extravaganza which is the back to school event to welcome teens to the Library. These activities give the teens something to look forward to after school.

Plymouth Community Council on Aging

Posted By: Cindy Morency (August 2, 2017)
The Plymouth Community Council on Aging is the only organization that provides services and programs to Community seniors. The PCCA handles 300 calls monthly for services regarding, Meals on Wheels, Focus Hope, housing, medical, financial assistance, health, wellness checks and programs. Over the last year, 6000 seniors participated in social programs, fitness classes, presentations and trips.
A loan closet which provides wheel chairs, walkers and various medical equipment is offered without a fee.
Community seniors are provided free transportation to all PCCA programs.
$1000 would help support these much needed services!

Hutchings School Learning Garden

Posted By: Hutchings Elementary (Lindsay Derocher) (August 1, 2017)
Last year my 2nd graders had a dream of learning outdoors. We were studying about life cycle of a pumpkin and they wanted to actually see pumpkins growing rather than talking about the process. Through project based learning and a lot of hard work, we were able to build a beautiful garden with a fence, pergola, stumps for seating, and more. We have so many wonderful things growing in our garden including pumpkins, gourds, onions, tomatoes, beans, strawberries, carrots, and potatoes! When students come back to school in the fall, classes will be able to start learning outdoors in this garden. This money would be a huge blessing because we could make some inspiring walking paths throughout the garden with it. We would likely have the students do some original artwork on some of the stones on the paths. Thank you for considering our school!

The 100 Club

Posted By: Richard Kolb (August 1, 2017)
We provide aid to Cheboygan County volunteer Fire fighters, police and first responders who are killed, injured, disabled or sickened in the line of duty. The goal of the 100 Club is to provide financial support to the families of the men and women who protect our property, safety and health should they become unable to provide an income to their families because they are injured or killed while protecting our families. We respectfully request a donation that can be used toward helping families who have experienced a hardship.

Options Pregnancy Center

Posted By: Emily Potter (July 31, 2017)
Options Pregnancy Center is a 501(3)(c) non profit that focuses on meeting the needs of those facing unexpected pregnancies and related issues. We serve four counties and have been in existence since 1991, when we began serving with a hotline. We have expanded to have a building, many volunteers and Director. We serve four counties and are expanding our services again this year to include parenting classes, post abortive support groups for both men and women, financial classes and nutrition classes. $1,000 would go a long way to help Options meet these needs in our community for those who have no good support system. No one is ever turned away, regardless. There are no charges for our services and classes. We love our community and want to help all those in need of confidential, caring support.

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