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Summer of Sharing Campaign

Community Financial Credit Union has been enhancing the lives of our members and our communities for over 65 years. The word “community” is not only in our name, but it is the core of what we do. We know that Community Financial would not exist without our members and the communities in which they live.

Strong business can only grow from a strong community that benefits everyone, which is why helping nonprofits, educational, and community groups is a part of our culture. We believe these groups have a tremendous impact on the communities we serve and it’s both our responsibility and pleasure to support them. We are committed to the communities where we do business and have devoted both time and money to help them succeed. Partnerships with local school districts, The Salvation Army, United Way and American Cancer Society are just a few of the ways we are making a difference.

To help build stronger communities, we are reaching out to our neighbors and asking for your help. Think about it. 

What GOOD could you do with $1,000?
 What charity, community group or school group could use some extra funds?

Our Summer of Sharing Program has concluded for 2017.

This year we celebrated summer by choosing from the 262 stories submitted on this site and awarded 60 - $1,000 grants to organizations in Michigan*. Click the See button to view the charities, community groups and school programs we were able to support this year.




Educational Excellence Foundation - P-CEP Robotics

Posted By: Brian Graham (June 25, 2017)
P-CEP Robotics, better known as Lightning Robotics, is a fantastic group of High School students who have teamed up with professional engineers to build robots for a national competition. However, a major component is community outreach. Th team does countless demos to encourage younger students to enter the STEM fields. They do relay for life. They clean up yards in the fall for the elderly. They run "Robots in the Park" every year. They are in parades. They visit almost all the schools in the area. They help the girl scouts get a technology badge. They mentor younger students. They run competitions for the middle and elementary schools. And this year... they were world champions in FIRST robotics. They are amazing.

Community Sharing Program of Lewiston

Posted By: Joann Peschke (June 25, 2017)
Community Sharing of Lewiston is a non-profit organization that helps people in the Lewiston Johannesburg school district who may need help with food, clothing, furniture, paying a bill or finding a temporary place to stay. Food is available to anyone at any time. The Food Pantry is open every Wednesday where a variety of food is available to families who come in and register. There are also 3 special food give outs each year that include Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each family receives the food for their holiday meal plus extras. This grant of $1,000 would assist Community Sharing in purchasing the food that is needed to meet the demand of this community. Thank you.

Plymouth-Canton Community Literacy Council

Posted By: Andrea Hug (June 25, 2017)
What Good could Plymouth-Canton Community Literacy Council do with $1000?
Community Literacy Council is a volunteer, non-profit organization that provides free English Language tutors to adults who speak English as a Second Language. Our mission is to provide basic reading, writing, and communication skills to ESL adults, so that they may participate in their community and reach their fullest potential in life. Currently, CLC has 140 trained tutors who provide 289 ESL adults with services that include: one-on-one tutoring, ESL conversation groups, ELL book clubs, and ESL classroom support. Following our tradition of providing free English tutors for 32 years, this year we hope to meet the growing demand for tutors in our area due to a steadily increasing ESL population. The annual cost of training tutors exceeds $2,500. The CFCU grant will go toward reducing our tutor training cost, helping CLC promote literacy in our community one word at a time. Visit us at:

P-CEP Robotics- Educational Excellence Foundation

Posted By: Shay Adams (June 25, 2017)
This team has impacted me in so many ways. First of all, i have become much less shy and now i am able to talk in front of 150 people. Secondly, i have made so many friends, and i have gotten much closer to everyone. Lastly, i have gotten so many opportunities that other clubs and sports don't get. The skills, friends, and opportunities have been some very important parts of the short time I've been on the team.

forgotten harvest

Posted By: mike borowski (June 23, 2017)
It is a fact that everybody needs to eat.
It is also a fact that too many in our community do not have enough to eat.
Forgotten Harvest works with local businesses to get unused food to hungry people.
They do a lot of much needed work in this arena.
It would be great to see a donation to this organization by CFCU.

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