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Summer of Sharing Campaign

Community Financial Credit Union has been enhancing the lives of our members and our communities for over 65 years. The word “community” is not only in our name, but it is the core of what we do. We know that Community Financial would not exist without our members and the communities in which they live.

Strong business can only grow from a strong community that benefits everyone, which is why helping nonprofits, educational, and community groups is a part of our culture. We believe these groups have a tremendous impact on the communities we serve and it’s both our responsibility and pleasure to support them. We are committed to the communities where we do business and have devoted both time and money to help them succeed. Partnerships with local school districts, The Salvation Army, United Way and American Cancer Society are just a few of the ways we are making a difference.

To help build stronger communities, we are reaching out to our neighbors and asking for your help. Think about it. 

What GOOD could you do with $1,000?
 What charity, community group or school group could use some extra funds?

Our Summer of Sharing Program has concluded for 2017.

This year we celebrated summer by choosing from the 262 stories submitted on this site and awarded 60 - $1,000 grants to organizations in Michigan*. Click the See button to view the charities, community groups and school programs we were able to support this year.




The Little Stars Foundation

Posted By: Anna Sun (July 11, 2017)
While women comprise 48% of the total workforce, they only contribute to 14% of the engineering workforce. Women are still underrepresented minorities in engineering and science fields.

The Little Stars Foundation (TLSF) addresses this issue by introducing a “Women in Technology” program for middle school girls in the Plymouth-Canton community. Our free 4-week workshop uses a FlashForge 3D printer to demonstrate how a 3D printer works and how to turn an idea into a tangible object through Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing. Our instructors consist of professional female engineers from Ford Motor Company, and female engineering college graduates. We will teach basic related math, engineering and computer programming. The workshop will help students develop their interest and skill in STEM subjects, engaging girls and other students who are historically underrepresented in these areas. The grant of $1000 will help us offset the cost of the program. Thank you.

Pauls Players youth theatre group

Posted By: Ruth Greenwald (July 10, 2017)
This is a youth theatre group in Livonia. They put on musicals and plays for kids and adults that are interested in theatre. Pat Hutchinson is the director and she is awesome with all the children.

Brown Bag Movement

Posted By: Nicole Niemiec (July 10, 2017)
The Brown Bag Movement was started by three sisters with the drive to feed those in need inside the city of Detroit. They started it in 2015 meeting in key areas of Detroit that are heavily populated with the homeless and provide them with basic necessities as well as food. All people are volunteers and all food and necessities are purchased soley on donations. The volunteers do not recieve any compensation for their effort and time its pure dedication. They are currently working towards getting a food truck to feed more of the Detroit community to be able to serve hot meals in the winter and things we take advantage of everyday like ice cream.

Hillman High School Football Program

Posted By: Amy Hunt (July 10, 2017)
Hillman High School Football is a great football program who has made it to the division 8 playoffs for 11 years in a row! This team represents our little community and makes us very proud. The football program has students in grade 9-12 learning to work together in a very physical sport to achieve not only the victory on the field but in the classroom as well. It gives students an opportunity that they would not normally have at a bigger school. They are in need of new uniforms and equipment to ensure the safety and well being of the team members. With more and more team members coming out to join the team the costs of safety equipment and uniforms are an issue.Please help us to make sure that all the players are as safe as possible while playing the sport they love.

Friends of the Novi Library

Posted By: Sue Johnson (July 10, 2017)
The Friends of the Novi Library is a dynamic group of individuals dedicated to supporting the Library. NPL and the Friends are collaborating to purchase Breakout EDU Kits that provide an engaging and exciting way to learn new concepts and solve puzzles. Similar to the popularity of escape rooms right now, Breakout Kits help players of all ages develop problem solving, team building, and critical thinking skills. With these kits, players work together to solve a series of critical thinking puzzles in a certain amount of time. Our community, especially school-aged children and high school students, have shown increasing interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) through our take home STEAM Kits (funded by CF). These Breakout Kits will be a fun addition to our programming and collection. The funding will allow us to add 8 kits with different puzzles, including reading, math, science, history, and technology themes.

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