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Community Financial Credit Union has been enhancing the lives of our members and our communities for over 65 years. The word “community” is not only in our name, but it is the core of everything we do. We know that Community Financial would not exist without our members and the communities in which they live.

2020 has been a year of unprecedented firsts. And while many things have changed and our summer activities may not be the same this year, Community Financial remains committed to helping the communities we serve.

10 Years of Sharing!

This year, we’re celebrating 10 Years of Sharing and we’re excited to support 60 great organizations this summer—with your help! Community Financial will donate $60,000 to nonprofit, educational and community organizations* throughout Michigan! That's $1,000 a day every Monday – Friday from June 8, 2020 – August 28, 2020.




Lightning Robotics

Posted By: Jay Bolyard (August 22, 2020)
I am a mentor for the Lightning Robotics team at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park. I spend many hours working with students each year teaching and coaching them in mechanical arts towards the end of fabricating the new robot each year. These students receive a great deal of benefit from working on the team not only from this learning, but also through the camaraderie and sense of community fostered by the organization. Lighting Robotics Team 862 works in the community to foster Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM) understanding for younger elementary and middle school students, and provides mentoring and fabrication assistance to younger robotics teams. I am proud to work with this team in both its educational and philanthropic endeavors and strongly believe it provides measurable benefits to the Plymouth-Canton community.

Lightning Robotics

Posted By: Karan (August 21, 2020)
Lightning Robotics has impacted me greatly in unique ways only self-improving myself and discovering more each day. They have been kind and exceptionally amazing towards their students assisting them in their every need. They have helped me learn more and more and be more involved in the activities etc. They have hosted Robots In The Park and numerous other activities to help young kids learn more about how robots work. They've helped me no only learn more but improve upon some of my qualities.

Lightning Robotics

Posted By: Victoria Maes (August 21, 2020)
Lightning Robotics has impacted me by giving me and other students an opportunity to learn engineering and business skills and showing us how we can continue with these skills into the future and with our careers. When I joined I had zero leadership skills or public speaking skills, this team gave me the opportunity to learn how to speak in front of groups of people and take on my own projects. I have also learned how to use some graphic design programs with the help of mentors and other students on the team. in conclusion Lightning Robotics is a great team and Community Financials Summer of Sharing award would make a big impact on the team.

Lightning Robotics

Posted By: Elijah Quan (August 21, 2020)
Lightning Robotics has impacted my life by giving me the opportunity and possibility to do things that I could never do anywhere else. Being able to build a fully functioning robot is an amazing experience that we could only accomplish as a team. They also do community events that show how robotics works to members of the community. Overall, Lightning Robotics is an amazing organization that I am proud to be a part of and definitely deserves the prize.

Midwest Rabbit Rescue & Re-Home

Posted By: Laura Fernandez (August 21, 2020)
Midwest Rabbit Rescue is a small, licensed nonprofit rescue for abandoned/neglected domestic pet rabbits. Our mission is eliminating the stigma of pet rabbits as "cute/easy pets" for children (as 80% of the source for abandoned pet rabbits), and educating local communities to stop illegal sales and breeding of pet rabbits as mere toys. We want to reduce/eliminate the abandonment, abuse and overpopulation of this gentle, special-needs pet. We pay for spays, neuters, and veterinary care. We house our rescued rabbits indefinitely until adoption (no-kill). We strictly review and counsel prospective adopters on pet rabbit care, and advocate on social media and local governments for curbing illegal breeding mills and irresponsible pet store sales. We assist local municipal Animal Controls and licensed humane societies with pet rabbit rescues when possible. A $1000 donation from CFCU would help pay our overhead of rent, food and veterinary care to continue our mission.

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